Real Earth Design works on projects throughout North America in a variety of contexts. From street-scape improvements to community gardens to whole farm planning, we work to enhance sites with creative ecological and cultural thinking.


Farm and Ranch

Real Earth Design brings years of farming experience to the table along with an understanding of the challenges of running a successful farm or ranch. Our design approach is geared toward reducing land management labor while increasing productivity and ecosystem health.


Featured Design: “Contrast Ranch”, A 36 Acre Multi-Use Farm and Ranch

Contrast Ranch was 36 acres of dissimilarities, from the sweeping view of the snow-covered continental divide, to the local coal plant in the foreground. From water scarcity to water abundance, this historic property was an agricultural challenge, now transitioning into agricultural fruitfulness through proper water management and appropriate crop selection. Learn more about this project.



As permaculture sweeps into schools across the US, a demand for campus planning and academic structuring is coming with it. Real Earth Design brings a valuable educational ecosystem perspective from experience. Past clients have included University of Northern Colorado, Utah State University, Naropa University, Prescott College, Northern Arizona University, and Goddard College.


Featured Design: “B-Hydration”, Utah State University – Moab

As featured in Toby Hemenway’s The Permaculture City, Utah State University‚Äôs Moab campus was a sea of asphalt in the desert. Scant rainfall hit unreceptive surfaces. The more plentiful sun shone on the same surfaces to raise the air temperature. Pollinators were few and far between. Shade and soil, difficult to find. Real Earth Design transformed that urban desert landscape into a productive, micro-riparian area for the benefit of the whole community. Learn more about this project.



Real Earth Design works on residential scales where the project has potential for great impact. Past projects have won community awards, and often inspire neighbors to follow suit in making ecological changes to their own landscapes, homes, and lives.

Gutter channels rainwater into gardens.

Featured Design: “Suburban Unrest”, HOA-Compliant Suburban Residence

Suburban Unrest is an award-winning postage stamp sized homestead that exemplifies ecological design within the confines of a homeowners association and ubiquitous suburbia. Sense of place is a primary motivating factor to demonstrate home scale food and medicine gardening from existing rainfall in a dryland climate via innovative rainwater harvesting techniques. Learn more about this project.


Neighborhood Development

An intersection in Old North St. Louis, Missouri.

Neighborhoods and developments used to create a sense of belonging, a place for community relations and interaction. Real Earth Design brings that deep-rooted perspective back into the design and function of communities and gathering places using educational installations, public art, green infrastructure, and organic forms that enhance interaction.