Our professional design services are used by farms, businesses, educational institutions, neighborhoods, family estates, parks, resorts, and residences.

Regenerative Agriculture

Real Earth Design understands what it takes to run a successful and ecological farm because we’ve lived it. Our design approach is geared toward increasing ecosystem integrity in tandem with productivity for market farmers, agroforestry projects, and non-profit environmental organizations.

Campus Design

Real Earth Design develops highly successful plans for colleges and schools that produce educational ecosystems. Our engaging campus planning has included past clients such as Utah State University, Naropa University, Prescott College, University of Northern Colorado, and Goddard College.

Neighborhood Regeneration

Neighborhoods are ecosystems of community interaction. Real Earth Design brings that perspective to the design and function of communities and gathering places by planning in such a way that brings neighbors together to engage meaningfully on creating the future of their place.

Permaculture Residences

Real Earth Design helps homeowners see the beauty, bounty, and joy producing potential of their property and yards. With kitchen gardens, edible landscaping, rainwater harvesting, and native pollinator plantings, past projects have won community awards, sending ripples through the city.