Early Articles by Jason Gerhardt

  • A major plant selection resource for those in the arid, cool western United States.

Rocky Mountain Rain Garden Plant Matrix

  • After the Great Flood of 2013 in Boulder, Colorado, Jason wrote this piece to view the flood from a fresh perspective.

Seeding Sensible Solutions in a World of Extremes: A Permaculture Perspective on 100-Year Floods and Beyond

  • After Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and some work in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Jason wrote this article about barrier island habitation.

Permaculture Design on the Edge: Patterns of Coastal Settlement and Regeneration

  • There are resources all around us in the ecosystem. This article explores one creekside biome and what it has to teach us.

Finding Forest Garden Patterns in Native Ecosystems: A Photo Journey

How rain and trees interact.